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Peace Oroma Interview

Peace Oroma Profile:

Peace Oroma is a Track and Field Paralympian from Uganda.

She made her Paralympic debut at the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021, competing in the T13 100 meter and 400 meter race. Along with her career as a professional athlete, she is also a student at Makerere University in Uganda, where she studies Meteorology.

  • Interview Question: "How did you start running and what motivated you to compete at the Paralympics?"

Peace Oroma: "I started running probably in high school, but I wasn't all that serious with sports in the beginning.

When I entered University, I met some student athletes and joined sports activities with them. I started with Goalball, a game for the blind. After that, my coach saw potential in me and recommended that I try running. I was an athlete by then, and I tried out for the running team and from there, they chose me and included me in the team. They believed in me and told me, "You can make it to the Paralympics for us", and that is how I started running and training competitively.

I was motivated to compete at the Paralympics because of my passion for running and sports in general, which I have loved since high school. When I got the opportunity to go to the Paralympics, I had to take it!"

  • Interview Question: “Is there a specific event in your life that shaped you into the person you are today?”

Peace Oroma: “Yes, that is sports, as it taught me many valuable life lessons. Sports shaped me a lot discipline-wise and taught me how to handle myself. Discipline moves concurrently with how you handle your soul, how you manage your soul. I learned how to handle myself, how to run my own things, and how to manage my time. Sports changed my life.”

  • Interview Question: “What do you think are some qualities and mindsets that are important for people to excel at something, whether it's sports or academics?”

Peace Oroma: “When you are determined to do something, it is important to concentrate and focus on your goals. Make it your first priority, and you will achieve what you want.

For example, handling sports and academics as a professional athlete is not an easy task, but I do my best to manage my time and focus on my ultimate goal of excelling in both sports and academics!”

  • Interview Question: What motivated you to keep training during the pandemic to prepare for the Tokyo Paralympics?

Peace Oroma: "The first thing was, I had already qualified for the Paralympics at the Paralympic Qualifying Games.

Secondly, I love running and have a strong passion for this sport.

The third thing was my love for adventures. When there is an opportunity to go somewhere in the world to perform or participate in a certain game, it always motivates me to work hard, do my best, and show my talents to the world."

  • Interview Question: What were your experiences of competing at the Tokyo Paralympics this summer and representing your country?

Peace Oroma: I experienced a lot of things in Japan. I loved the environment of the Paralympics and I met new people from everywhere in the world. This experience really connected me with the world. I also studied other athletes a lot and saw how I could improve my performance. It was the biggest achievement I have ever experienced before and I never expected such things to happen to me."

  • Interview Question: What is your next dream or goal?

Peace Oroma: "My next goal is to become a champion and win. At the same time, I will do my best to excel in both academics and sports.

After finishing academics, I will first of all concentrate on running. I want to concentrate on running because sports is not a long term thing. Most of the champions are not running anymore because they have reached their climax. It reaches a time where maybe you get an injury and so on and you may find yourself off the track and not being able to compete anymore. I want to use the opportunity I have right now very well while I still have it and compete professionally on a global stage. So my prayer is, after finishing academics, I will put my papers aside and first concentrate on running."

  • Interview Question: Do you have a role model and if so, why is he/she your role model?

Peace Oroma: Yes, my role model is US Olympic runner Allyson Felix. I admire the way she performs, and the way she lives her life motives me a lot. Whenever I’m doing training, I always tell myself that one day I will also be a champion like Allyson Felix.

  • Interview Question: “What are your messages for youths or aspiring professional athletes?”

Peace Oroma: “My message for young people is that they should know themselves first. Know yourself, your dreams, and your goals. Once you know who you are, everything will flow smoothly from there. Be determined and focused, and make sure that whatever choices you make are in line with your dreams and goals. At the end of the day, you are responsible for achieving your dreams and goals!“

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