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Event Report: Indo-Pacific Leadership Summit in Tokyo🇯🇵

Updated: May 4

During my first year of university, I had the amazing experience to work as an event assistant at the Advancing Long-term Leadership Initiative Indo-Pacific Summit hosted by the US Department of State 🇺🇸 and the US Embassy in Tokyo!

🎯The aim of the Summit was to :

🌏Bring together Youth Leaders from the Indo-Pacific region.

📝 Learn new skills such as negotiation and project management skills from experts.

🤝Create networks to collaborate on solutions to contemporary and future regional and global challenges.

Participants were youths representing Australia🇦🇺, Brunei🇧🇳, Cambodia🇰🇭, India 🇮🇳, Indonesia🇮🇩, Japan🇯🇵, Korea🇰🇷, Laos🇱🇦, Malaysia 🇲🇾, Myanmar🇲🇲, Philippines🇵🇭, Singapore🇸🇬, Thailand 🇹🇭, Timor-Leste🇹🇱, United States🇺🇸, and Vietnam🇻🇳 !

One of the people who I met was Srishti Bakshi, an Indian activist who went on an on-foot pilgrimage of 3,800 kilometers from Kanyakumari in South India to Kashmir in North India🇮🇳. During her journey, she organized women empowerment workshops for women in India, and her initiatives were made into a documentary🎥. At the Summit, she taught a program in communication and community engagement skills!

It was a very inspiring experience meeting and getting to know youth leaders from the Indo-Pacific Region!

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