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VSM Upcoming Event: Global Leadership Seminar w/ Ms. Hazuki Tanka, Founder of Hayama International School 🌎

Updated: May 4

Join the VSM Global Leadership Series Seminar🌏

Guest speaker: Ms. Hazuki Tanaka, Founder of Hayama International School 📚

Event Overview:

The Global Leadership Seminar is to share the experiences and mindsets of leaders in various fields around the world, and provide the next generation of leaders with inspiration, encouragement, and opportunities to broaden their horizons!

This event will focus on education and entrepreneurship, and will feature Ms. Hazuki Tanaka, an entrepreneur who founded Hayama International School at the age of 25!

We will cover a wide range of topics including the possibilities and challenges of entrepreneurship, how Hayama International School was established, and the importance of global education in today's increasingly globalized world.

Towards the end of the event, we will have a networking session with participants from diverse backgrounds!

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024

Time: 10:30-12:00

Venue: Hayama International School Shirokane School

Speaker: Ms. Hazuki Tanaka, Founder of Hayama International School

Language: Japanese

Participant target : Upper Elementary School Student - 100 years old who are passionate about shaping a better world.

Student Attendance Fee: Free

Non-student Attendnace Fee: ¥2,000

About the Speaker:

Founder of Hayama International School.

After giving birth to two daughters in Oregon, USA, Ms. Tanaka returned to Japan. She was concerned about how to educate her children to live in a global world, and the lack of an ideal international school led her to establish the Hayama International School in 2004. The philosophy of the school is "Play Think and Learn," which is based on the image of children learning through play, finding various challenges, and working together with creativity. At the time of its founding, the proactive concept of a school where "the child is the center of learning" was a rarity among international schools, whereas the passive style of studying English from an early age was more popular. Twenty years have passed since its establishment, and the school has grown to have approximately 200 students. Hayama International School, which was founded for her daughters, continues to take on new challenges, such as the introduction of IB education to foster leaders of the future.

Event Schedule:

10:10 Registration Begins

10:20 Doors Open

10:30-10:35 Opening Remarks

10:35-11:05 Panel Discussion between Speaker and Moderator

11:05-11:20 Q&A

11:20-11:40 Networking

11:40-11:45 Closing

11:45-12:00 School Tour

NOTE 1: This event is ON THE RECORD.

NOTE 2: Please note that we will be recording and taking photos during the event, which will be shared on our social media platforms. If you wish not to be featured, please let us know ahead of the event.

✨Register now via the link below!

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