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Event Report: Denmark Open Days Event at the Embassy of Denmark🇩🇰

Updated: May 4

Visited the Embassy of Denmark in Tokyo to attend “Denmark Open Days”, an event organized by the Embassy to showcase organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly foods from Denmark! There were over 20 food companies at the event, and I got to learn about each company and their products!

Some products at the event were "Raw Bite”, a fruit and nut bar made with vegan and organic ingredients and “Fangst”, canned seafood from Nordic waters made with consideration for the natural environment and sea life, all of which were very delicious!

While studying abroad in Sweden and other Nordic and Scandinavian countries, I observed that there were diverse food options such as vegetarian and vegan foods, as they are sold regularly in restaurants and supermarkets. I hope that there will be more diverse, sustainable, and environmentally friendly food options in Japan in the near future too!

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