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Event Report: Finland’s World leading Startup Event Slush 🇫🇮

Updated: May 4

Every year, Helsinki, the capital of Finland hosts one of the world’s leading startup event called Slush!

Slush, which was founded in Finland, is a world leading startup event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and media representatives from around the world and facilitates networking between them. In the beginning, Slush was only held in Finland, but the event now spread to Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Slush was originally founded by entrepreneurs and students to promote a start up culture in Finland, and the event is still run by students to this day.

Slush was held in Tokyo until 2019, and I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer for Slush Tokyo when I was in high school!

Through this experience, I learned that there is a thriving startup culture in Nordic countries including Finland and Sweden, and that in these countries, becoming an entrepreneur is understood as an option for what young people can pursue as a career. This was one of the deciding factors in my decision to study abroad in Sweden!

Sweden is also a country renown for startups and entrepreneurship, and the music streaming company “Spotify” and game developing company “Mojang Studios” which developed the game"Minecraft”, are both famous Swedish startups!


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