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World Information: Denmark's "Happiness Museum" 🇩🇰

Updated: Sep 3

I went to the “Happiness Museum” in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark!

Denmark is a country that consistently ranks high on the “World Happiness Ranking”, which is an annual ranking published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and other Nordic countries also consistently rank high on the ranking every year.

World Happiness Ranking of 2023:

1. Finland 🇫🇮 (Finland has placed 1st for 5 consecutive years)

2. Denmark 🇩🇰

3. Iceland 🇮🇸

4. Israel 🇮🇱

5. Netherlands 🇳🇱

And Sweden 🇸🇪 was placed 6th!

The ranking is based on Six Factors:

1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita

2. Social support such as the Social Security System

3. Healthy Life Expectancy

4. Freedom to make your own Life Choices

5. Tolerance of others

6. Trust in the Government

At the Happiness Museum, I learned that a developed social security system and a high degree of trust in the government are some of the main reasons why Nordic countries consistently rank high on the ranking.

Also in Denmark, there is a word called "Hygge" that refers to "cozy space and time”, and Danish people have a mindset to find and create happiness in the small, everyday things, which may be connected to their high levels of happiness.

Japan was placed 47th out of 146 countries in the ranking as of 2023. The reason why Japan's ranking has not increased over the years is due to a low tolerance of others, trust in the government, and subjective happiness that each person has.

It was a trip that made me rethink the concept of “Happiness” again.

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