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World Information: Sweden's "Right of Public Access" in Nature 🌲🇸🇪

Updated: May 4

There is a program called "Meet the Locals" organized by the West Sweden Tourist Board which connects tourists with locals of Gothenburg and the surrounding area.

My friends and I went to meet a Swedish lady through this program in Floby, which is a small town located on the outskirts of Gothenburg!

In Floby, we went hiking in the forest. I learned that in Sweden, there is a right granted by the Swedish Constitution to every individual called “The Right of Public Access” (“Allemansrätten in Swedish).

The Right of Public Access allows everyone (foreigners and tourists alike) to roam freely and explore the nature of Sweden as long as they do not disturb and destroy nature.

This Swedish lady that we met told us that due to the Right of Public Access, people have the right to camp and hike on her land without her permission.

During my time in Sweden, I also hiked, camped, picked berries and mushrooms, and did many activities to enjoy Sweden’s abundant nature.

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